Huatai Securities and Bloomberg team up on digital transformation
Collaboration on data and systems innovation to support Chinese securities group’s global expansion
18 Nov 2020 | The Asset

Huatai Securities and Bloomberg have teamed up to accelerate digital transformation at one of China’s leading securities groups. Harnessing Huatai Securities’ financial services expertise and Bloomberg’s global technology experience, the two companies will collaborate on financial technology, market-making services, index product development and risk management, among other areas, to further support Huatai’s technological transformation and international business expansion.

“Technology adoption at global financial institutions over the past year has continued to accelerate, and Huatai Securities is keeping pace. Our investments in the digitization and transformation of our business through big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing have enabled us to develop a robust financial services ecosystem,” says Huatai Securities chief executive officer Yi Zhou.

“By working with Bloomberg, we will be able to benefit from their technology innovation and decades of experience in financial information services, enterprise solutions and risk assessment. This important collaboration will facilitate Huatai Securities’ digital transformation, strengthen our global competitiveness and accelerate the firm’s international development.”

Bing Li, head of Asia-Pacific at Bloomberg, comments: “While Covid-19 has posed challenges to the global financial industry, it has also accelerated digital transformation. Huatai Securities has been leading the way with its progressive technology strategy, and we are looking forward to deepening our collaboration in digitalization and product innovation. As Bloomberg marks our 25 years in mainland China, we are committed as an all-weather partner to advance China’s financial market through leading enterprise data and technology.”

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